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West Virginia's New River Gorge

Mountain Biking Trails

Four great mountain biking trails can be found in the New River Gorge National River, provided by the National Park Service. Other multi-use trails are being developed in state and local parks throughout the New River region. New River Gorge WeatherNew River Gorge Weather

Our series of page on the trails of the New River Gorge provides information on the most popular bike routes and mountain biking trails in the New River Gorge, including: Cunard - Kaymoor Trail; Thurmond-Minden Trail; Brooklyn-Southside Junction Trail; and Stone Cliff TrailYou'll also find directions to the trailhead for each NRG trail.

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3-D Map: New River Gorge: Fayetteville, West Virginia

Take a virtual trip through and above the New River Gorge area! Our 3D map rendering of the terrain in the vicinity of Fayetteville, West Virginia is one of the wildest ways to tour the canyon and the tablelands around it. Walk, fly or jump your way around the New River Gorge and gain a better perspective of its mountain biking trails!

Map: Mountain Biking Trails: New River Gorge

Our Guide to West Virginia Bridge Day Festival provides information on mountain biking trips and tours offered by local biking guide companies, and provides a map of the mountain biking trails in the New River Gorge and Fayetteville, West Virginia area.

Brochure: Mountain Bike Trails

Adobe Acrobat version of a brochure by National Park Service (NPS) showing the mountain bike trails in the New River Gorge.

Brooklyn to Southside Junction Trail: NRG

One of the popular New River Gorge mountain biking trips, this 6.0 mile trail that follows the banks of the New River, passing the ruins of numerous abandoned coal mining town. The trail begins at the old coal company town of Brooklyn, at the end of the Cunard Access Road.

Cunard to Kaymoor Trail: NRG

This New River Gorge mountain biking trail begins from trailheads at Kaymoor Top and on the Cunard Access Road. It follows an old road past the site of the Eleverton Mine, offering views of the gorge and New River. From Kaymoor Top it is 3.8 miles to the Kaymoor Mine and 6.5 miles to Cunard. From Cunard, it is 6.1 miles to the Kaymoor Mine and 6.5 miles to Kaymoor Top. Note: Bicycles are not permitted beyond the Kaymoor Mine.

Map: Mountain Biking Trails: NRG

Natinal Park Service (NPS) map showing mountain biking trails in the New River Gorge, including the Cunard-Kaymoor trail, Brooklyn-Southside Junction trail, Thurmond-Minden trail, and the Stone Cliff trail.

Thurmond to Minden Trail: New River Gorge

Another popular mountain biking trips in the New River Gorge, this 3.2 mile trail follows an abandoned C&O Railway grade above the New River and Arbuckle Creek. Several overlooks provide views of the town of Thurmond and the New River Gorge. On this biking trip, five railroad trestles are crossed.

New River Gorge Photos: Visit our photo gallery of popular vacation spots, cities, towns and communities, railroads, coal mines and famous people of Southern West Virginia.
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