Hiking Trails

New River Gorge hiking trails wind among the rocks and forests of the gorge and its plateau regions, accessing fantastic natural areas and overlooks. Waterfalls, ghost towns, and spectacular cliffs highlight the network of hiking trails in the region.

New River Gorge Hiking Trails

New River Gorge Bridge, on US-19, near Fayetteville, WV

Hiking Trails near Thurmond, WV

With more than 13 miles of developed hiking and biking trails, Thurmond is a popular hiking area in the New River Gorge. This following series of Web pages provide information about the following Thurmond hiking trails:

Arbuckle Connector Trail
Brooklyn Mine Trail
Church Loop Trail
Kaymoor Trail (South)
Rend Trail
Southside Trail
Stone Cliff Trail
Train station and bridge at Thurmond, WV

Glade Creek Trails

The Glade Creek area offers more than 15 miles of developed hiking trails through some of the most pristine natural areas in West Virginia's New River Gorge. This series of articles provides information on the following Glade Creek area hiking trails:

Glade Creek Trail
Kates Falls Trail
Kates Plateau Trail
Polls Plateau Trail

One of seven bridge piers of an abandoned railroad bridge that once crossed New River near the mouth of Glade Creek

Hiking Trails at Grandview Park

Hiking trails at Grandview wander through the region's upland forests and follow the line of cliffs along the souther rim of the New River Gorge that long ago earned the area the name "Grand View."

Big Buck Trail
Castle Rock Trail
Grandview Rim Trail
Little Laurel Trail
Tunnel Trail
Woodland Loop Trail

Main Overlook at Grandview Park, off I-64, near Beckley, WV

Hiking Trails in the Sandstone-Hinton Area

The southernmost designated hiking trails in the New River Gorge climb from the margins of the New River at Sandstone Falls into the mountain farmland north of Hinton, WV.

Big Branch Trail
Island Loop Trail
Gwinn Ridge Trail
Sandstone Boardwalk

Brooks Overlook, on Rt. 20, near Hinton, WV

Hiking Trails at State Parks and WMAs

Hawks Nest State Park

Hiking trails at Hawks Nest State Park explore the mountainous flanks of the lower New River Gorge including its famous Hawks Nest and Lovers Leap overlooks.

Cliffside Trail
Fisherman's Trail
Lover's Leap
GSYP Trail
Loop Trail
Overlook Trail
Main Overlook at Hawks Nest State Park, on US-60, near Ansted, WV

Bluestone WMA

The Bluestone Lake area hiking trails wander among the valleys and low ridges of the New River and its tributaries in and around Bluestone Lake.

Barton Ridge
Bertha Trail
Buffalo Creek Trail
Cedar Branch
Crumps Bottom Road Trail
Red Sulphur Trail
Upper Shanklin's Ferry Trail
Bluestone Lake, on WV-20, near Hinton, WV

Babcock State Park

Trails at Babcock State Park lead hikers through an upland forest replete with trout streams and a working gristmill and into the wilderness of Mann's Creek Gorge.

Lake View Trail
Manns Creek Gorge Trail
Mountain Health Trail
Narrow Gauge Trail
Rocky Trail
Skyline Trail
Triple Creek Trail
Island in the Sky Trail
Wilderness Trail
Glade Creek Grist Mill at Babcock State Park, off US-60

Little Beaver State Park

Hiking trails at Little Beaver State Park tour wooded glens surrounding Little Beaver Creek and its 18 acre lake downstream of Glade Springs Resort.

Beaver Creek Trail
Billy's Goat Gruff Trail
Creek Bed Trail
Deer Loop Trail
Deer Trail
Laurel Creek Crossing Trail
Nature Ridge Trail
Railroad Grade Trail
Rhododendron Run Trail
Topper's Ridge Trail
Little Beaver State Park
Little Beaver State Park near Beckley, WV
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