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West Virginia's New River Gorge


Maps of the New River Gorge region are invaluable to the casual traveler as well as the avid hiker and hunter. Be sure to supply yourself with good maps if you plan to explore wilderness areas of the New River Gorge and its plateau regions.
New River Gorge Weather
New River Gorge Weather
Visit for maps of West Virginia cities and towns, showing streets and highways, and nearby airports, parks, hospitals, buildings, churches, cemeteries, trails and other points of interest, with links to driving directions.

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Map: Cities and Towns of the New River Gorge Region

Map showing major towns and cities of the New River Gorge region of West Virginia, displaying Interstate and state highways, streams, rivers, parks, railroads and other features.

WVa Maps

View Google maps of towns and cities in West Virginia showing local landmarks, historical places, parks, churches, lakes, and other features.

Map: Parks of the New River Gorge Region

Map showing West Virginia State Parks, units of the National Park System (NPS), West Virginia Wildlife Management Areas (WMA), National Historic Districts, local parks and other points of interest in Southern West Virginia.

West Virginia Highways Map

West Virginia (WV) highways map showing national highways in West Virginia, from the National Highway System. In PDF format, requires Adobe Reader.

Map of National Parks in West Virginia

Map of parks in the state, with links to the official NPS Web sites for each park.

Map: New River Gorge Area

Map from NPS showing major highways and towns in the vicinity of the New River Gorge.

Map: State Parks, Forests, Wildlife Management Area
Another map showing state parks, forests, and wildlife management areas in West Virginia.

New River Gorge National River: Park Map

National Park Service's map of the New River Gorge Nation River Park.

Official NPS Map of New River Gorge Region

Adobe Acrobat version of the official NPS park map showing the New River Gorge region, including the Gauley River and Bluestone Lake areas. Map has good detail, and is about 400k in size.

Recreation Map

Recreation map from Div. of Tourism showing parks, recreation areas, wildlife management areas and more.

West Virginia Maps

A site with various maps of West Virginia, including: shaded relief map, county map, satellite image, and 1895 map.

West Virginia Maps: Perry-Castaņeda Library Collection

Various West Virginia maps, including maps of WV cities, national parks, monuments, and historic sites.

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